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There is so much information out there on different travel routes so to start you off here are just a few links:

The Savannah Way - Cairns to Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park - 

The Matilda Way - Cunnamulla to Karumba

Other ways to link in - The Outback Way which links to Winton and onto the Matilda Way

For the 4WD enthusiasts you can link across from the Peninsula Development Road and come across to the Gulf - always check road conditions, travel prepared for conditions, and let someone know where you are travelling and when to expect you....

Travel Safe - Travel Smart

Travelling the Gulf can take many forms from standard vehicles, bicycles, 4 wheel drives, motorbikes, vehicles towing caravans and camp trailers and more.  

For specific road condition details - closures, roadworks, flooding and other road network information we suggest the Queensland Government Department of Main Roads link - 131940 - which you can phone or type in as a search.  Each of the Gulf regions Council areas also post regular road reports through the 'wet season' months - from around November/December through to March/April depending on weather and road conditions.  This includes Etheridge, Croydon, Carpentaria, and Burke Shire area.

Karumba has a particular appeal in destinations along the Gulf of Carpentaria coastline - as it's the only place you can get to the coastline of the Gulf on bitumen road all the way from the east coast on the Savannah Way or through from Cloncurry/Mt Isa direction via the Matilda Way.  This means we have cyclists (yes that's bicycles) and all types of transportation modes which can make the trip to watch a sunset, catch a fish, see how barramundi are bred for release in restocking, learn the history and heritage of the diverse Gulf region, take a river cruise and see croc's, enjoy mud-crab, prawns, fish and more from the Gulf or just kick back and enjoy the laid back relaxed atmosphere.  

In the middle part of the year there is a major fundraising event started back in 1997 which is a cycling ride from Cairns to Karumba - some 7 days...the Coast to Coast Bike Ride raises funds for kids in the bush.

The Savannahlander and Gulflander train rides are a great experience and truly a part of the history of the region which you can enjoy as you head for Karumba.

There is a lot of information available across existing websites to help you travel safely, comfortably and also making sure you don't miss all the amazing places, people and experiences along the way.  Below we have listed several links to help with your planning.

There is a 3 times weekly bus/coach service from Cairns to Karumba, stopping at all towns along the way - plus they carry smaller freight items - preferably 20kg or under however they will try and accommodate larger items where possible.  Trans North is the service operator with agents in each town as well as the option to book online.  They depart from Cairns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and return the following day with the trip taking approx. 11 hours.  Comfortable air conditioned coach and there are packages for those wanting to ride the Gulflander train and see some other Gulf sites - these are available from a variety of agencies including Qld Travel Train.

For commercial flights you can check with Rex Airlines which fly in and out of Normanton and there are charter operators such as West Wing/Skytrans and Savannah Air you just need to enquire about cost and availability.

Various tourist coach operators bring regular tours through the Gulf country throughout the year so some Google searching will easily help you find these, or your holiday travel agency is bound to have lots of information.

Savannah Way Ltd - is a well developed and themed drive route from Cairns on the East Coast to Broome on the West Coast passing through the diverse and surprising Gulf of Carpentaria country.  Savannah Way Ltd is our Local Tourism Organisation and their site has an abundance of information including travelling tips and details.

The Matilda Way - is another exciting and interesting drive trail from Cunnamulla south near the NSW border - all the way through to Karumba.  So much to see and do along the way.

Gulf Savannah Development - is our regional economic development organisation and their site has lots of links, details and more information on the region.

Department of Transport - Queensland has some great safety and preparation tips for driving in the Outback.

Another great site has further information for visitors from overseas - and also some very important tips for everyone in how to safely react and respond with road trains and semi-trailers - remember they have a lot more wheels to manage than you do.