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Welcome to the Karumba community website - an initiative of the Karumba Progress Association.   



 Sunrise over the Norman River - just near Karumba  

The Karumba Progress Association is a not for profit incorporated body representing the residents of the Karumba area.  This includes community, business, services and the organisation strives to work closely with the Carpentaria Shire Council, Gulf Savannah Development Organisation and other key bodies in the local and regional area.


Karumba on the Norman River - wet season

Throughout the year the Association stages events, supports initiatives, projects and activities in the community and works to address and respond to issues and opportunities as they arise. 



The site is for all the community and aims to share news, promote events, provide a directory of local businesses, services and organisations and anything else the community would like to see on the site.   

In developing the site it is also hoped we can provide some useful information for those thinking of coming to Karumba or wanting to find out more if they have been before.   

Karumba Town Brochure & Map

NOTE - The Karumba Town Brochure and Map is currently being reviewed with opportunities for listings in the new version - if you would like to change your listing, add a listing as well as if you are involved with Karumba not for profit groups which can have a free listing and include key community events

We have lots of people interested in Karumba's interesting tides - for most of the time - only 1 tide a day - if you are interested in finding out why then try this link:-

A Question of Tides

Carpentaria Shire Council - click here for a link to the Carpentaria Shire Council website



Other links of interest

Gulf Savannah Development

Savannah Way Ltd

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group

Tropical Savannahs CRC

There's alwasy a lot happening -  Lots of other events and activities are happening in the area throughout the year

Check out the EVENTS page



The Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association is a not for profit group originally established through the commercial fishing industry - to ensure future fish stocks and sustainability for industry and recreational fishing into the future.  Today the restocking group has recently undergone significant changes and Carpentaria Shire Council now operate the hatchery and the Barramundi Discovery Centre.  The restocking group will provide volunteer input and support for future hatchery and restocking activities to support fish stocks across the region.  For any other information it is suggested to contact Carpentaria Shire Council. 

The GBRA runs seafood raffle trays every Friday night at the Sunset Tavern to raise funds to support restocking in the Norman, Albert and Nicholson Rivers systems

Reminder about extension to the Boat/Trailer/Motor Raffle package for the Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association...

After a lot of discussion and considering regional conditions—the Gulf Glory Barra Bash which was to be held on September 26th and 27th was cancelled for 2015.

This was a direct response to the obvious seasonal impacts on our Gulf of Carpentaria environment and fishery due to the broader drought across the north. Whilst fish are being caught - there is no the tough year both our commercial fishing industry and our recreational fishers have been dealing with.

With the GBRA ongoing major raffle being the boat, motor, trailer and safety gear package - we have sought feedback on the proposal to extend our time out to April 10th, 2016 for drawing the prize. This would be at the annual Karumba Community Anglers Classic event - which will be held 8/9/10 April next year. This is within the required 12 months selling period - and just helps us ensure the best outcomes for restocking in the future.

We hope everyone understands and supports these decisions as they have been made with the best possible intentions and outcomes in mind.


Barramundi Restocking activities April 2015 in the Norman River 

Click here for pictures and information   


   Karumba Weather Station Link

Just use this link to get information on Karumba weather - thanks to Carpentaria Shire Council

The Gulf's own Morning Glory spectacular - for more information click below

Morning Glory article October 2014

Photo of small morning glory cloud formations at Karumba October 8th - just on sunrise




New signage has been installed in and around Karumba telling some of the stories from the first inhabitants, to exploration, pioneers, environment, economy and community.  29 sign frames are in place with 26 already completed with storyboards.  More are under development.    



   Great to see so many enjoying walking, jogging, cycling and generally getting out along the track which is some 3-4 km from Karumba town to Karumba Point.

Many long term residents, businesses and really the whole local community has worked long and hard to see this project realised - some 15years of planning, lobbying, seeking funding and working towards this end result.  So now we will all be strongly encouraging and promoting for people to keep in mind the track travels through sensitive environmental areas so everyone needs to be responsible, take care of and look after this wonderful new community asset so all can enjoy it.




This is our wonderful local paper - loads of  news and information plus all the events and activities coming up in the area - it comes out bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. For sending in news and items just email on

The Chronicle also runs a Goose Club every Friday night at Karumba Lodge Hotel - great prizes and all funds support the Gulf Chronicle paper.




every Sunday from 7am to midday at the Sunset Tavern